With school back in business and Halloween shopping just around the corner, keeping track of time can seem like a hassle. Here at Silas Deane Pawn we understand that time is a gift. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and exceptional higher end watches suited for all occasions.

Every watch, from a Panerai Luminor to a vintage Tiffany & Co, has been thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure that every hour is intact. So, rest assured, no more missing your kids’ soccer practice due to a faulty watch.

Timeless Higher End Watches at Silas Deane Pawn

We understand that time is money (literally), so why spend your bucks on outrageous retail prices when we offer the exact same higher-end watches but at a tremendous deal. Need to purchase a beautiful Swiss army watch for your brother that just got back into town with no notice? We got it. Want to buy your husband a silver Bulova watch for an upcoming anniversary since he always forgets to pick the kids up? Don’t fret because we have you covered. 

We take pride in our outstanding reputation and consistent service in each of our 9 locations. Watches are timeless and we love to acknowledge that. Vintage watches and hand me down watches are embraced and highly appreciated. Every watch holds a sentimental value, either generational or personal, and we will always support that. Whether you need to sell your great grandma’s watch, or want to get rid of your old birthday watch, if it holds any value whatsoever, we will always pay as much as possible. 

Watches are more than just time; they become part of our daily lives and represent who we are as a person. Every watch has a different personality, a different story behind it. When purchasing one of our watches, you’re continuing to care and appreciate the past as well as creating a future for the next generation.

We would love for you to come and visit any of our locations. Stop by and get a quote or to look at the amazing watches for yourself. Don’t have time to stop by? No worries, we’ll make sure every online order is packaged with care and delivered as effectively and efficiently and in a timely manner like your new watch. 

At Silas Deane Pawn, we’ll make sure none of your time is wasted . Visit our locations or find us on your computer to purchase your top-quality and affordable higher end watches today. Visit https://www.silasdeanepawn.com/ to get started. 

Designer and luxury watches make a bold impression on people. They signify wealth and the ability to enjoy the finer things in life. In recent years, collecting, wearing, and enjoying higher end watches were out of reach for most people. That’s until smart consumers and designer watch fans realize that their local pawn shop is the perfect place to buy a high-end watch. At Silas Deane Pawn, we put investment-grade luxury within reach. Your local, trusted pawn shop, like Silas Deane Pawn, is the best place to look for a brand-name luxury timepiece without the enormous price tag. Pawn shops like us put luxury within reach.

Unlike other ways of buying a used high-end watch, like jewelry stores, or online retailers, at Silas Deane Pawn, we are willing to negotiate and give you the best price, so you can reach a price that works best for you. If you do a little bit of research and have a broader mind, you can walk away with the luxury watch of your dreams for a fraction of what you could expect to pay at other retailers. Here are a few reasons why Silas Deane pawn, should be the first stop in buying your next high-end watch:

  1. Affordable and Cost Effective

Choosing to purchase higher end watches from Silas Deane pawn shop rather than a jewelry, or other big box retail stores will almost guarantee that you will get the best affordable price. Since Silas Deane pawn is the best place to sell luxury watches, the brands available to purchase are secondhand and therefore sold at a discount, even if they’ve never been worn. 

  1. Wide Selection

Many of our customers love the unique experience of shopping at a Silas Deane pawn, because you can find hidden treasures unlike anywhere else. From antique classics to contemporary brands, the wide range of higher end watches are available from Silas Deane pawn is unparalleled compared to other retailers. You never know what hidden gems you can find when you buy luxury watches at Silas Deane pawn shop.

  1. Authenticity Guaranteed 

When you browse for higher end watches online through consumer-to-consumer sellers, you have no way of understanding whether the pieces are authentic until it’s too late. At Silas Deane pawn, we authenticate all our pieces before selling them, so you can have total confidence that your luxury watch is worth the price you’re paying for. 

Next time you’re tempted to buy higher end watches from a big box retail store, or your local jeweler, remember that Silas Deane pawn offers some of the most exquisite luxury watches available. In fact, Silas Deane pawn is the best place to sell your luxury watch, so it is definitely the best place to buy it too. If you want to browse our wide selection of high-end watches that are unavailable anywhere else in the area, stop our seven Silas Deane pawn locations today. Visit us online or in-person today to see how we can help you find your next, or first, high-end watch!

Everybody dreams of getting those higher end watches for Christmas, but sometimes are never able to get them. At Silas Deane Pawn Shop, we carry a number of watches for all time low prices. From the moment you enter our store, you will be in awe at how many different options we have, when it comes to watch companies. The most important thing is that you understand what we tend to carry the most before you come wandering in looking for a brand that we may not always have. 

Luxury and Higher End Watches in Connecticut

There are many watch brands out there. However, the higher end watches have become even more popular over the past few years. With companies such as Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Jaquet Droz, Avant Garde, Audemars Piguet, Roger Dubuis and Jaeger lecoultre, we have a wide variety to choose from. At the Pawn Shop, we will walk you through the cleaning process for your product and how to take care of it overall. 

Now why do you need a higher end watch? Perhaps the most important reason is style. With having a selection between limited editions, diving watches, mechanical watches or sports watches, you will not have one outfit that doesn’t match with a specific watch. Whether it be a first date, work meeting or just a gathering with friends, you will have the perfect accessory available at our pawn shop. 

The other popular brands that we carry are vacheron constantin, girard perregaux, ulysse nardin and of course, tag heuer. Swiss watchmakers continue to produce one of the best products in the industry and the growing popularity of luxury watches has caused more companies to grow. This then leads to more opportunities for our customers to find the perfect watch for any occasion. 

When it comes to luxury watch brands, many people immediately think of Rolex and are completely thrown off by the price tag. With many companies now in the game, it is even easier to find a luxury watch for a portion of the price of a Rolex. This has given way for those looking to dress more professional but don’t quite have the money to spend thousands of dollars on a watch. 

At Silas Deane, we talk with our customers about their price range and then find watches in our store that are within this price range. With our extensive collections, we are almost guaranteed to find the perfect product for just about any customer that walks in our doors. 

Interested in our products and would love to come in and see our collection? Visit our website here to learn more about our collections or come visit our shop today. We take pride in carrying all the luxury watch brands and making sure all customers find the watch they are looking for. The most important thing to remember when watch shopping is the price range. At Silas Deane, we carry a wide array of watches for reasonable prices so that you can dress in fashion and not go broke because of it. We would love to see you in our shop soon so we can work together to find the perfect watch for you! 

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