Get Quick Money for Selling Used Jewelry!

Apr. 72022

Whether you’re spring cleaning, getting rid of grandma’s “gift”, or selling used jewelry, Silas Deane Pawn shop is the perfect place for pawning and earning cash quickly. We believe in giving you as much as your items are actually worth, so you can count on us for reliability, integrity, and a reputable deal as we serve our community.

Don’t forget the difference between selling and pawning! While we would love to buy from you, if you’re interested in getting your valuables back, there is a contract where your items serve as collateral until you pay us back the pawn loan.

With several locations, Silas Deane Pawn makes it easy for you to earn an actual fair amount of cash for your valuables. Don’t worry, we keep them in a dry, safe, and insured space for you if you want them back once the pawn loan is paid off. And pawning with Silas Deane is made worry-free as these loans don’t need a credit check to qualify. 

If you’re selling used jewelry or anything of the sort, our dedicated team takes the time to figure out the actual value of your items so we can give you a fair percentage of that value as a pawn, so it doesn’t matter what your credit looks like. We just care about the value of your collateral, so we can get you your money quickly and hassle-free.

While most pawn shops try to swindle you just to make a profit, we’re determined to give you the best bang for your buck over any other pawn shop in Connecticut. So if you’re selling used jewelry, laptops, or more, Silas Deane Pawn is the best to go to.

And if you’re looking into buying, we sell valuables at 50-60-70-80% off retail prices on items that are as good as new. Everything we buy is carefully looked over for any damage and fully tested before we buy it. And since we buy anything from sports memorabilia to laptops, you know you’re getting an amazing deal. So instead of wasting time and money at fancy retail shops, our pawn shop is the place to go.

So if you’re selling used jewelry or buying it, head on down to any of our pawn shops in Connecticut, established for your convenience. Don’t forget to check out our website for our list of locations.

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